BOZENA RIOT security system - new

 Length of Carrier with Shield5 850 mm
 Length total with water trailer10 810 mm
 Length of Carrier4 540 mm
 Length of Shield1 380 mm
 Length of water trailer4 960 mm
 Height of Carrier2 630 mm
 Height of Carrier with camera2 735 mm
 Maximum height of Shield3 685 mm
 Maximum height of Shield with platform4 695 mm
 Height of water trailer2 250 mm
 Height of water trailer with water cannon2 910 mm
 Width of Carrier2 355 mm
 Minimum width of Shield4 500 mm
 Maximum width of Shield7 500 mm
 Width of Shield with one wing outspread6 000 mm
 Width of lifting platform protection guard2 000 mm
 Width of water trailer2 140 mm
 Weight of Carrier with Shield12 100 kg
 Weight total with water trailer (with water)14 800 kg (18 300 kg)
 Weight of Carrier9 100 kg
 Weight of Shield3 000 kg
 Weight of water trailer (with water)2 700 kg (6200 kg)
 Engine low emission (EURO 3)Deutz, turbo, Common Rail
 Power at 2400 rpm140 HP (103 kW)
 Rated maximum load4000 kg
 Maximum speed40 km/h
 Maximum lift height7 m
 Maximum forward reach3,5 m
 Water tank capacity3 000 ltrs
 Foam tank capacity100 ltrs
 Water pump performance2 050 l/min at 0.6 MPa
  1 800 l/min at 0.8 MPa
  1 500 l/min at 1.0 MPa