BOZENA Riot - security system

 Length total4 800 mm
 Length of Prime mover3 250 mm
 Length of Shield1 570 mm
 Height of Prime mover2 270 mm
 Maximum height of Shield3 255 mm
 Maximum height of Shield with platform4 410 mm
 Width of Prime mover1 985 mm
 Minimum width of Shield4 500 mm
 Maximum width of Shield7 500 mm
 Width of Shield with one wing outspread6 000 mm
 Weight total6 800 kg
 Weight of Prime mover5 250 kg
 Weight of Shield1 550 kg
 EngineDEUTZ BF 6L914, turbo
 Rated power at 2500 RPM110 kW (147 HP)
 Torque at 1 600 RPM550 Nm
 Average fuel consumptionup to 13,2 l/h
 Fuel tank capacity140 l
 Maximum speed9 km/h
 Remote control - range/battery life5 000 m/11 hrs